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DFS is abbreviation from the word dysfunctional family (in Russian language). Children in such families may experience different forms of abuse: emotional, physical, sexual. Childhood traumas cause problems in adult life: they hardly adjust to society, make friends, own family, find a job. The most affected suffer from deep depressions and suicidal behavior. They may wend the way of taking drugs and alcohol. Then they fill drug rehab clinics and psychiatric hospitals.

Yulia was emotionally and sexually abused, when she was a child. 4 years ago she was discharged from a psychiatric hospital. Drug addiction, insane ideas and suicidal behavior were the reasons of her staying there. After rehab she left drugs, but still had a lot of self-acceptance difficulties. So she decided for the first time in her life to tell the true story about herself in the Internet, believing in public acceptance and understanding. She received it and thereon created a group in social network named “DFSKI”. In this group she shares her art works, as an instrument of emotional pain impression and self-understanding. People love her art and this group. And Yulia wants to move on. Her art works are drawings and filming of beautiful people. Filming her another video, she meets Anton. At the time of the project, they are going to marry.